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Tyrus Thomas is a Bobcat for…

the foreseeable future. I have no idea who reported it first at this point, so I will link to the Charlotte Observer – Jordan, Bobcats go proactive, lock up Tyrus Thomas. That is correct – the Charlotte Bobcats have Tyrus Thomas under contract for the next 5 seasons at a total of $40 million. This is good news: Rather than lose their 2012 first round pick for 2 months of seeing TT's potential, the Bobcats now have the opportunity to make use of his considerable gifts for the next several seasons. And while it has not completed yet, other news (Raptors and Suns and Bobcats, oh my!) makes it look like Tyrus has the starting 4 spot to himself. Despite having been in the league for a few years already, Thomas is still young at 23 and put up solid numbers in his brief Charlotte stint last year, most memorably compiling 13 blocks in his first 3 games as a Bobcat. Tyrus also finished the year strong, with a 21 point, 9 rebound effort in the Bobcats final game of the playoffs. The former #4 overall pick still has some growing and learning to do – and I am glad to see that he will be getting that opportunity in the Queen City.

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