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Weekend Recap: Bobcats vs Nets and 76ers, Games 19 and 20

Boxscore of Charlotte Bobcats and New Jersey Nets – 12/03/2010

Score: 91-84 (OT) Charlotte
Bobcats record: 7-12
Offensive Efficiency: 87.5
Defensive Efficiency: 78.5
Meritorious Player:
Boris Diaw with 11 points, 16 rebounds, and 8 assists – nearly the second triple double in team history. On the negative side, Boris needed 13 attempts to get those 11 points and had 5 turnovers to counter those assists. Oh – and about the rebounds…

There were plenty available, as 3 Bobcats finished with double digit rebounds: Gerald Wallace added 13 and Nazr Mohammed chipped in 11 as the Bobcats grabbed a franchise record 62. It was not a fast paced game – just a lot of missed shots. There 104 possessions for the Bobcats in the overtime extended game, which works out to about 94 possessions per 48 minutes. So a little quicker than the Bobcats normally play, but certainly not SSOL.

In addition to plenty of missed shots, the Bobcats were back to their turnover prone ways, with 23 on the night. Stephen Jackson matched Boris miscue for miscue, also finishing with 5, and D.J. Augustin had one of his poorer ball control nights, finishing with 4 turnovers to just 3 assists. To be fair to D.J., with so few makes, there are not a lot of opportunity for assists.

Last thing: If anyone has a digital copy of the clip where Boris Diaw was running over to help a teammate up off the floor (Gerald maybe?), and slips and lands on his butt – please let me know. The Queen and I thought that was hilarious, especially on the tv replays. It needs to be turned into an animated gif for internet posterity’s sake.

Boxscore of Charlotte Bobcats and Philadelphia 76ers- 12/04/2010

Score: 109-91 Philly
Bobcats record: 7-13
Offensive Efficiency: 104.6
Defensive Efficiency: 123.9
Meritorious Player:

Worst loss of the season – 18 points to a bad team. The second night of a back to back is no excuse as the 76ers were in ATL on Friday night themselves. The Bobcats gave up their worst defensive efficiency of the season and it is not even close.

The temptation is to say the Bobcats couldn’t have expected Jodie Meeks to hit seven three-pointers. Maybe, maybe not. Meeks went 7 of 10 from deep on Saturday night – the 3rd time this season he has made at least 4 threes while shooting better than 50% on those attempts. And it put up him to 47.7% on three point attempts for the season. So, yeah, I think it was on the scouting report.

Final note as this was a horrible loss after the ugly win on Friday night: Gerald Wallace had his 4th single digit scoring effort of the season. He had only 8 such games last season, and his scoring this year is down about 1.5 points from last year and his field goal percentage is at 43.7% after a 48.4% mark last season. Hopefully just a slow start, but it would be good to see the Bobcats lone All-Star bounce back a bit.