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What to do with number two?

As everyone now knows, the Bobcats have the number two overall selection for the June 30th NBA draft and nobody knows who they will take with that selection, or if they’ll even take a player at number two. The possibility that the team could trade the pick is still very alive depending on what offers Charlotte gets. Be sure of this, Jordan and Co. will listen to anyone who wants to inquire about the pick.

Scenario #1: Portland six and eleven selections for second pick. At six, Portland is in an extremely tough spot because of the fact that they’ll likely have to make a decision on Andre Drummond- a player who has more ‘bust’ potential than any prospect in this draft. Beal, Kidd-Gilchrist, Robinson and Barnes will likely be off the board. Considering Portland’s recent history with drafting franchise changing centers (see Greg Oden), they may not be willing to touch Drummond with a ten foot pole. That being said, the Blazers may be feeling the pressure to hit a home run in this draft by using their two lottery picks to move up.

Scenario #2: Stephen Curry/Golden State’s number seven pick for second pick/X Charlotte player. I’ve heard Augustin’s name be thrown in with this trade, but that isn’t possible because his contract is technically over and Charlotte must offer him his qualifying offer of $4,385,000 in order to keep him. The only other players that the Bobcats could potentially trade are Gerald Henderson, Kemba Walker or Tyrus Thomas. Henderson and Walker, well, that isn’t going to happen. Does anyone seriously think Golden State would take on Tyrus’ contract? Even if the Warriors were willing, this trade would only be possible if Charlotte added the Shaun Livingston trade exception with Tyrus because Golden State would be taking on too much salary due to Tyrus’ bloated contract and the fact that Curry is still on rookie contract. All that being said, I’m just trying to point out the fact that it’s highly unlikely Stephen Curry ends up in Charlotte via trade this off-season.

Scenario #3: Basically any team in the lottery that falls in love with a prospect not named Anthony Davis could call and make an offer to Charlotte for the pick. Teams of note: Cleveland owns the 4th and 24th picks. Houston owns the 14th and 16th picks.

Below, I’m posting some scouting videos that Mike Schmitz from Draft Express and ‘Valley of the Suns’ blog has put together. Awesome stuff and can educate us all on the prospects we’ll be debating about for the next month.

Thomas Robinson

Andre Drummond

Perry Jones III

Terrence Ross

Quincy Miller

Royce Webb (possible for Bobcats at 31 overall/second round pick)