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UPDATE: Why Jamison makes sense for Bobcats

Rick Bonnell’s interview with Antawn Jamison further cements the speculation that he’ll end up signing with Charlotte, but he does admit that the last thing missing from his career is a championship ring. See below.


It seems to be down to Charlotte, L.A. Lakers & Golden State for Antawn Jamsion, but according to Yahoo Sports Marc Spears things went well yesterday/last night in Jamison’s meeting with Cho and the Bobcats.

Spears also added that Jamison works out with Stephen Curry in the off-season, so that may be a pull to get him to Golden State. I’m not necessarily buying that, though. If this decision is at least somewhat about Jamison and being close to his family, then how does it make sense to go play on the west coast for a team that likely won’t be a serious contender? Also, with the Warriors deciding not to go ahead and extend Curry’s contract this summer, Jamison has to have some speculation that Stephen will even be in Golden State by this time next year. In fact, he may even be in Charlotte.


The ex-Tar Heel is preparing to enter his 14th season in the NBA and seemingly has a tough decision to make on his next landing spot.

Last season, Jamison made it clear that he would be interested in signing with Charlotte this summer. Reports indicate that the Bobcats have now expressed real interest in Jamison and that he’ll be in Charlotte to visit the Bobcats today and tomorrow.

If the Bobcats are indeed interested in Jamison and on the verge of offering him a contract, Jamison must decide whether or not he’s willing to play the final year’s of his career on a team that’s highly unlikely to compete for a playoff spot.

There’s no question that Jamison is going to draw serious interest from contenders in the league. Boston, Minnesota, Orlando & Brooklyn all come to mind as possible suitors depending on how the remainder of the free-agency domino’s fall. The decision between going home to be closer to family over possibly competing for an NBA championship certainly can’t be an easy one, but one that Antawn is about to face.

It’s likely that Charlotte would offer Jamison a deal that would consists of two years and less than $10 million. Probably more around $4/year.

He makes sense in a Bobcats uniform for a few different reasons. First off, Jamison is a veteran who has a reputation for being a hard worker and a very high character person, making him a great fit as a ‘change of culture’ type of player that Cho is looking for. Secondly, Jamison would add a stretch PF that can score in a variety of ways to compliment Biyombo’s limitations on the offensive end. If you’re Charlotte handing out a contract worth around $4 million/year over the next two seasons for a guy who you know is going to come with a good attitude everyday, will be a great mentor to the youth in Charlotte and is coming off a season, at age 36, where started every game for Cleveland, where’s the loss? Jamison averaged 17.2 PPG & 6.3 RPG last season. The Bobcats leading scorer, Gerald Henderson, averaged 15.1 PPG last season. So, with Jamison, we’re talking about bringing in a player who could conceivably lead the team in scoring for likely the league’s mid-level contract offer.

For Charlotte, it hasn’t been a crazy successful summer as far as free agency is concerned, but don’t be fooled, it was never the plan to go after the big fish this summer. The Eric Gordon and Goran Dragic rumblings were likely just phone calls made by the front office to see just how opposed those guys would be to playing in Charlotte. A guy like Jamison is exactly the caliber of player that Cho and the Bobcats were planning on targeting this off-season and he’s now there to be had, it seems.

So again, when you can go out and add a veteran presence into the locker room (badly needed), gain a high worth ethic/character player who will contribute and seemingly get this at the mid-level price, why not?

Expect the Bobcats to offer Jamison a contract tomorrow. That’s just me guessing, but just don’t see where this visit could go wrong.