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Why Kwame will remain a Bobcat

Kwame Brown had his most productive year in eight seasons last year. I’m not going to list stat after stat explaining why this guy had such a productive year and why he is now again a relevant player in the NBA. If you’re interested in the numbers and his statistical re-emergence as a player then read my post from a few months back.

This is about Kwame Brown and his loyalty to someone who not only wasted one of the worst number one overall picks ever on him, but then turned around and gave him a second chance in a new city.

In 2001 Michael Jordan nearly threw away his front office basketball career when he drafted Kwame Brown with the number one overall pick. Everyone who thought they knew anything about basketball and had a pulse ferociously criticized Jordan for the pick and vowed that he should never be involved in the decision making process around the personnel of an NBA basketball team for rest of his life.

In 2010 Jordan officially bought the Bobcats and then signed Kwame to the veteran minimum shortly thereafter. Everyone was shocked that Jordan was going to summon himself to being laughed at by the basketball community once again, but he did and instead laughed at them.

Now Kwame finds himself in a situation that he certainly isn’t familiar with; Numerous teams bidding for his services….thanks to Jordan. If it weren’t for Michael Jordan and his willingness to give Kwame a second chance then who knows where Brown would be today, or if he would even be in basketball anymore. Michael Jordan saw the opportunity to bring Kwame Brown somewhere where he would be an immediate factor and earn quality playing time while learning from one of the most physical post players to ever play in the NBA, Charles Oakley. That bargain paid off for both Brown and Jordan and now the time has come for the two to keep the momentum going.

Brown will be able to visit other team facilities and take physicals tomorrow at 10am and I fully expect for the Bobcats to be the first and last place that Kwame will visit. The infamous number one overall bust has found an owner who believes in him and a home that he surely feels comfortable in. The Bobcats owe Kwame what he is worth, which will most likely be a multi-year deal that’s worth about 4 or 5 million/year. Kwame, in return, technically owes the Bobcats nothing as he is a free agent and can just wait to hear the largest offer, then sign on the dotted line. If he has an appreciative bone in his body then he’ll beg Jordan and the Bobcats to believe in him with a multi-year deal and vow not to even entertain another offer.

Sure, all of this may be completely unrealistic, but it’s certainly not irrational. Michael Jordan has always believed in the high school superstar that probably forever tarnished his career by not going to college before he entered the NBA, and now it’s time for Kwame to believe in Michael for giving him that second chance that probably should’ve never come.