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Why losing out on Carl Landry would be disappointing

There are many different opinions on why the Bobcats aren’t going to be able to get Landry and why they declined to use amnesty clause this summer in order to clear enough cap space, immediately, for a player of Landry’s caliber.

My confusion comes in here: When the Bobcats chose to not use the amnesty clause they then declared to have roughly $5 million to spare under the tax line. It’s very clear that the team was not going to go into next season above the salary cap and have to pay luxury tax. That being said, $5mil will not permit you enough space to get a player like Landry on the books for this coming season, but the Bobcats have showed interest anyways. Charlotte could possibly design a ‘poison pill’ structured contract similar to Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik’s with Houston, but likely aren’t willing to lock themselves down for $12-14mil in year 3 of a possible deal. The other option that has been explored is sending Gana Diop’s expiring contract to New Orleans for Landry in a sign-and-trade. The sign-and-trade deal with NOLA seemed to have some momentum this weekend, but has lost steam since. Likely because the Hornets never were really in love with Diop in the first place. Yes, he’s an expiring contract and would also provide a center to a roster that only has one currently- 36-year old, Brad Miller. It’s still Gana Diop, though.

So now that I’ve pointed out it’s almost impossible to sign Landry straight up because of limited cap flexibility and the sign-and-trade with NOLA is reportedly all but dead, does this mean that Cho and front office just took a last second swing at Landry without really putting together a financially sensible plan to make room for him in the first place? If the front office knew that they’d have serious interest in Landry and felt as if they had a good chance at landing him, why not use the amnesty on Diop or Carroll and create enough space on books now to take a serious run?

Because Jordan didn’t want to spend $7.3mil (Diop) or $3.5mil (Carroll) right out of his pocket in order to clear space for Landry this season? I doubt it.

Because the Bobcats want to wait and use amnesty on Tyrus Thomas next season? Maybe, but if you’ve given up on him already then why not just use amnesty on him now?

Using the clause on Diop, Carroll or Tyrus would have permitted the cap space for Bobcats to offer the best possible deal to Landry and one he likely wouldn’t have turned down.

To me, Carl Landry has the ability to be a top-tier scoring PF in this league and at age 28, the starting PF of next 3-4 years in Charlotte. Biyombo isn’t ready and he’s really not even close, so Landry would be the perfect offensive compliment for him to learn under.

Financially, the Bobcats aren’t going to lose anything in missing out on Landry. They are going to lose out on a talent that projects to be entering the prime of his career and could have been an affordable boost to this roster.